World Chess Olympiad - Round 8 Highlights

The big derby of the two top seeded teams, Russia and USA, concluded 2-2 after a long and tense struggle. Grischuk put Russia ahead with a win against Robson, but in the longest game of the match So defeated Nepomniachtchi to even up the score.

Georgian leader Jobava is in excellent shape as proven by the swift victory against the former world champion Ponomariov. However, the rest of the Ukrainian players won their respective games for a rebound 3-1.

India is back on the winning track after the match against England. Sethuraman scored the key victory against Short, while the remaining games were drawn.

By the same narrow margin Azerbaijan defeated Latvia, thanks to Safarli's decisive win in the longest game of the match. This is Safarli's third straight victory. Mamedyarov, Radjabov and Mamedov drew their respective games.

Italy and Iran tied the match with four draws. Greece and Slovenia made the same score, but with four decisive games - wins by Papaioannou, Halkias (Greece) and Lenic, Borisek (Slovenia).

Norway beat Peru 3-1, with a win of world champion Magnus Carlsen on the top board, while defending champion China sunk deeper after another loss - this time against Hungary (sole win by Almasi).

Azerbaijan 2 is with a sound 3-1 victory against Finland. Guseinov and Guliyev won, while Durarbayli and Abasov drew.

Azerbaijan 3 defeated Dominican Republic 2½:1½. Gadimbayli and Gasimov won, Asadli drew and Muradli lost.

After 8 rounds of play USA, India and Ukraine are leading with 14 points each, followed by Russia, Azerbaijan and Norway on 13. 
Top round 9 pairings are Ukraine-India, USA-Norway, Iran-England, Azerbaijan-Russia, Latvia-Slovenia.

In the Women section another match Russia-USA on the top table. The girls from USA shocked the defending champion and took home a narrow 2,5-1,5 win. Gunina won for Russia, Nemcova for USA, and the overall score was to be settled on the first board. In the longest game of the match Irina Krush defeated former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk to mark the start of big celebration.

Despite the loss of team leader Monika Socko, Poland was able to seize the victory against Netherlands thanks to Kulon and Wozniak on the lower boards.

Hungary held the favored Ukraine thanks to a win of Lazarne Vajda against the former world champion Mariya Muzychuk. Gaponenko's win kept the score level.

Top seeded China returned to the joint lead with a 3,5-0,5 win against Azerbaijan. Hou Yifan-Z.Mamedjarova 1-0, Ju Wenjun-Mammadzada 1-0, Tan Zhongyi-Kazimova 1-0 and Zhao Xue-Mammadova draw.

The 52nd seed Turkmenistan narrowly lost to Israel, while Vietnam defeated Romania 3-1.

Azerbaijan 2 defeated Singapore 3-1. Khalafova, Fataliyeva and Umudova won, while Abdulla lost.

Azerbaijan 3 split the points with Peru. Allahverdiyeva won, Balajayeva and Beydullayeva drew, while Mammadova lost.

After 8 rounds of play China and USA are joint leaders with 14 points each, followed by Poland and Israel on 13.

Top round 9 pairings are USA-China, Israel-Poland, Vietnam-Russia, Ukraine-Azerbaijan, India-Netherlands.