For Captains

    The pairings and results will be available on the official website:; on the venues of the Olympiad and the Congress, as well as in all the hotels accommodating the players, at the Information desk.

    The teams captains are asked to announce to the Organizers their team composition for the next round after the end of the previous one, or on the morning of the round to begin. 

    Page for entering the Team-Composition.

    The deadline for submitting the teams composition is 10 AM of the day of the round.

    The captain will be given green cards for the players who will play in the next round and for himself. They should be returned to the Match Arbiters after the game. The cards are personal, so no switch between the players will be possible. The players are asked to carry their green player cards with their accreditation badges. Players who don’t participate in the round are asked to enter the venue from the visitors’ entrance if they wish to follow the game.

    How to enter your Team-Composition 

    1) Open Page for entering the Team-Composition. Please note the Timetable 

    2) Select your tournament 

    3) Select your team 

    4) Enter your password and click button "login" 

    5) Enter your Mailadress, if the field is empty or wrong 

    6) Select the players who should play in this round 

    7) Click button "Confirm". You get a confirmation-mail and a confirmation message.

    In case anyone forgot or lost his password the captain has to contact TAP.