For Visitors

    The visitors of the 42nd Chess Olympiad will be allowed to follow the games directly from the playing arena. The entrance is free, you should just bear in mind few things:

    -the games begin at 15.00, and last till the evening. You can come to watch the games any time, but if you wish to see the first moves, we advise you to come a little bit earlier in order to finish with the security checks on time.

    -the visitors will be given an accreditation at the accreditation desk near the public entrance, don’t forget to bring a valid ID card with you! It will be given back to you when you will leave the Crystal Hall.

    -you should leave as well all electronic devices like a telephone, a tablet, a computer, etc. They will be given back to you when you will leave the playing zone.

    -it is asked to the visitors to keep silent, as noise often disturbs chess players. If you bring children with you, please make sure that they don’t disturb the players as well.


    After watching the chess games, we invite all the visitors to join the Chess Exhibition and parallel activities area, where both children and adults will find for them interesting and entertaining activities related to chess.

    Please consult the Olympiad's website regularly to have the schedule of the parallel activities!