Side Tournaments

    42nd Chess Olympiad

    Side Tournaments Schedule


    2nd September-4th September- Children tournament

    Start at 15:30 all the days

    Classic Tournament for Chess pupils


    5th September-6th September: Amateurs tournament (Rapid Tournament)

    Start at 15:30 both days


    7th September: Journalists tournament (Rapid Tournament)

    Congress participants Blitz

    FIDE Blitz

    Start at 11:00 for all the tournaments this day


    8th-9th September: Side tournament for Chess players (Rapid Tournament)

    Start at 15:30 both days.


    12th September: (Blitz Tournament)

    Start at 15:30


    If more participants will be interested, the Organizers can arrange also an additional rapid tournament on the 12th and 13th September. It will start at 15:30 and 11:30 respectively.


    Please to register write us an e mail to