Activities Schedule and Information

    Information Points

    From August 4th to September 14th Baku city population and guests are welcome to visit the Olympiad Information Points in 28 May, Metro Park and Park Bulvar Malls. Comprehensive information about the Olympiad and the planned Parallel Activities will be available at the Info Points.

    Mascot Activities

    The official mascot of the Baku Chess Olympiad 2016 is the Chess mate. Exuberant and colorful, the mascot will appeal to both kids and adults and make chess more interesting. If you want to feel the spirit of chess and have a picture with our mascot, visit the Baku Boulevard or the city center and malls where the mascots will entertain the public from August 5th to September 14th.

    Don’t forget to mark your picture with the Hashtag #Chessmate!

    3D Street Art

    We are pleased to inform you that from July 24th to July 27th a well-known 3D street art artist, Alex Maksiov, was making a Live 3D Art painting in the open air on the Baku Boulevard, near the Puppets Theatre. All art and chess lovers as well as all those wishing to enjoy the stunning and incredibly realistic artwork with a chess theme are invited to enjoy the art and to take pictures until September 14th. Have fun posing, enjoy the slide to the Crystal Hall and don’t forget to mark your picture with our hashtags #BakuChess and #SayChess!


    Chessmen Painting & Chess Festival

    30 professional artists will bring the spirit of chess, vibrance and creativity to the city of Baku from  August 20th to September 14th. An outdoor paiting event will host a number of experienced artists who will paint 1 meter high chess pieces. Crafted chess pieces will be exhibited at Baku Boulevard and will be available for photo and video shoots.

    Promo buses

    In the framework of the Olympiad promotion, the local population and the guests will have an opportunity to take a ride in a Chess-branded Hop-on, Hop-off bus, catch panoramic views of the city, explore the landmarks and participate in various chess-related activities on board. The buses will begin to operate on August 15th until September 14th.


    2D Animated Funny Chess Valley

    The funny chess pieces will welcome the visitors of the Flag Square from August 25th to September 14th. Participants and guests of the Olympiad will feel the real spirit of chess and festivity and get an opportunity to pose with the funny pieces and images.

    Quest Zones


    We have great news for problem-solvers and all strategy and tactics fans! The 42nd Chess Olympiad Parallel Activities Program boasts incredibly entertaining and challenging intellectual team game that will be held at the Flag Square from August 1st to September 14th. The visitors are invited to participate in this exciting game, experience team spirit and test their logic, intellect and creativity. All the personality traits chess demand!

    Chess Queens Freak Show & Dance Performance

    The most important piece on a Chess Board, the Queen, symbolizes the freedom of movement. From September 1st to September 14th Baku will host a Freak Show that features extraordinary and eccentric Chess Queens ready to greet and entertain Baku Boulevard visitors. Additionally, the visitors will be delighted by the mysterious Chess Queens Dance performed by acclaimed artists. Enigmatic and vibrant, the Chess Queens Dance performance celebrates the free spirit and beauty and will resonate with children, youth and adults. The visitors will have a unique chance to enjoy a compelling performance and immerse into the atmosphere of the 42nd Chess Olympiad through an artistic, breathtaking show.

    Catering and Merchandise Pavilions

    Food and refreshments will be available for the Olympiad visitors at the Catering Pavilions. Additionally, a large selection of chess themed gifts, accessories and other memorabilia can be purchased at the Merchandise Pavilions located near the venue from September 1st through to September 14th.

    Chess Landscape Design


    Graceful and exquisite chess-shaped Landscape Design will complement the unique spirit of chess in the city of Baku and delight Baku Boulevard visitors from September 1st.

    #SayChess and #BakuChess Hashtags Installation

    We are pleased to inform you that a specific Hashtag Installation “BakuChess” will be available from August 1st to September 14th and the Boulevard visitors are welcome to take photos and share them on the social medias. Hashtags are taking over the world! “SayChess” and join the community of Baku Chess Olympiad fans.

    Chess Photography & Art Exhibition

    From September 1st to September 14th Chess Photography & Art Exhibition will run at the Crystal Hall’s Entertaining Area. The visitors are invited to discover the intensity and the beauty of Chess through the photographs and to explore the concept of the “Chess in Art” and ask questions. The volunteers will be readily available to provide relevant information.

    Photo by David Llada

    Parallel Chess Tournaments

    Parallel Chess Tournaments are planned to be held at Crystal Hall from September 1st to September 14th will bring together kids and adults who will have an opportunity to participate in the rapid and blitz tournaments and compete for the prizes.

    Giant Chess Sets

    From August 10th to September 14th three giant chess sets will be available for Baku Boulevard visitors. The visitors will have a chance to take photos with the pieces and play an adrenaline-pumping, huge-sized game of chess. 

    Chess Pantomimes

    Experienced pantomime actors will entertain visitors of the Crystal Hall during the Olympiad from 3 to 7 PM.

    Kids Entertaining Area

    We are pleased to invite you and your family to participate in the intense and fun-packed Kids Entertainment Program that will run in the Crystal Hall’s Kids Entertaining Area from September 1st to September 14th. The program is organized by “Sevimli Bala” kids club and consists of diverse entertaining and chess-oriented activities such as handcrafting, magician show, face make-up painting, theatric show, which your kids will absolutely love.

    Optical Illusions Museum

    The Museum of Optical Illusions with its Ames room and distorted mirrors will amaze you by offering intriguing visual experience. Visitors of the Exhibition Zone of the Crystal Hall will have an opportunity to jump into the illusions and make pictures in every possible pose! The museum will be available from September 1st to September 14th.